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Discover your ultimate defense against daily skin stressors. Our products harness the potent benefits of Vitamin B12, celebrated for its anti-itch and redness-reducing properties, offering immediate relief while nurturing long-term skin repair.


Moreover, our formulations feature pre-probiotics to enhance skin health. These microorganisms build a protective shield, bolstering your skin against external aggressors while preserving its delicate equilibrium.


With these SOS Solutions, you're not merely treating surface concerns; you're investing in your skin's overall well-being. Choose to shield your skin from stress.


Skin Balancing Toner - e 15ml

• Azulene Soothing - Calms and reduces skin redness.

• Balanced pH - Maintains skin's natural equilibrium.

• Prebiotic Support - Nourishes a healthy skin microbiome.

• Probiotic Defense - Strengthens skin's protective barrier.

• Botanical Boost - Infused with natural extracts for added skincare benefits.


SensiMax Serum Vitamin B12 - e 5ml
• Vitamin B12 Boost - Enriched with Vitamin B12 for skin vitality.
• Redness Reduction - Soothes and minimizes redness.
• Anti-Itch Relief - Calms irritated skin for comfort.
• Skin Repair - Promotes healing and rejuvenation.
• Youthful Glow - Enhances radiance and complexion.


MultiActive Balancing Cream - e 5ml
• Oil-Free Balance - Controls excess oil for a shine-free.

• Acne Fighter - Powered by 8 botanical extracts to combat acne.

• Youthful Radiance - Resveratrol promotes a youthful, healthy.

• Lasting Hydration - Bio Sacharide Gum 1 keeps skin.

• All-in-One - A comprehensive solution for oily, acne-prone skin.

ProBiotic Foam Wash - e 15ml
• Gentle Clarifying - Cleanses acne-prone, oily skin gently.

• Microbiome Support - Nourishes skin's natural balance.

• Probiotic Defense - Strengthens skin's protective barrier.

• Non-Drying Cleanse - Leaves skin refreshed, not dry.

• Skin Clarity - Perfect for acne-prone, oily skin types.

SOS Solution Travel Kit Set

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