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The Serum contains Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide is a potent prebiotic, a perfect substrate for healthy. It helps clear the skin and restore its normal regulation, barrier functions, sebum production and other processes. Biosaccharide gum 4, it has anti- pollution and protect the skin to avoid UV rays caused oxidation, inflammation, and DNA damage in skin cells. The overall effect is anti-irritation and prevention premature aging. It also helps to reduces wrinkles and fine lines effect. The Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract can improve the skin tone, lighten scar, freckles, and soothing effect. Capsicum Annuum Fruit Extract protects the skin from the 2 major damaging effects of blue light, namely photo oxidation and photoreceptor disruption. Vit B12  helps to protect inflammation induced skin barrier damage and relieves sensitive and irritated skin. 


Vitamin B12 Boost - Enriched with Vitamin B12 for skin vitality.
Redness Reduction - Soothes and minimizes redness.
Anti-Itch Relief - Calms irritated skin for comfort.
Skin Repair - Promotes healing and rejuvenation.
Youthful Glow - Enhances radiance and complexion.


e 30gm / 1.01 fl oz

Suitable for Normal | Dry | Oily | Sensitive Skins

SensiMax Serum Vitamin B12

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