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Experience the skincare revolution with Victoria Collection Young Formula. This formula is your key to gentle yet powerful skincare. Packed with Bio Sacharide Gum 2, Vitamin B12, and eight botanical extracts, it treats acne, repairs your skin, and reveals a radiant glow.


Bio Sacharide Gum 2 and Vitamin B12 offer immediate relief while promoting lasting skin rejuvenation. Together, they keep your skin calm and healthy.


Enriched with eight botanical extracts, this formula harnesses nature's healing power to fight acne, repairs skin damage, and boosts your skin's vitality.


Pre and probiotics are also part of the mix, ensuring your skin remains resilient. Ideal for sunburn recovery and various skin concerns, they protect and rejuvenate your skin.


Choose Gentle Care, Radiant Wear, from Victoria Collection Young Formula for a skincare experience that's both gentle and transformative.


Preprobiotics Amino Acid Gel Cleanser - e 15ml

• Gentle Cleansing - Effectively cleanses without harshness.
• Balanced pH - Maintains skin's natural pH.
• Prebiotic Nourishment - Supports a healthy skin microbiome.
• Probiotic Protection - Enhances skin's natural defenses.
• Daily Skin Wellness - Promotes refreshed, radiant skin.

Skin Balancing Toner - e 15ml

• Azulene Soothing - Calms and reduces skin redness.

• Balanced pH - Maintains skin's natural equilibrium.

• Prebiotic Support - Nourishes a healthy skin microbiome.

• Probiotic Defense - Strengthens skin's protective barrier.

• Botanical Boost - Infused with natural extracts for added skincare benefits.


SensiMax Serum Vitamin B12 - e 5ml
• Vitamin B12 Boost - Enriched with Vitamin B12 for skin vitality.
• Redness Reduction - Soothes and minimizes redness.
• Anti-Itch Relief - Calms irritated skin for comfort.
• Skin Repair - Promotes healing and rejuvenation.
• Youthful Glow - Enhances radiance and complexion.


SensiHydra Moisturising Cream - e 5ml

• Deep Hydration - Infused with Biosaccharide Gum 2 for lasting moisture.

• Skin Balance - Pre and Probiotics support a healthy skin microbiome.

• Soothing Sensation - Sodium Palmitoyl Proline calms and comforts.

• Radiant Complexion - Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract enhances skin's natural glow.
 • Complete Care - A holistic approach for skin nourishment and well-being.


MultiActive Balancing Cream - e 5ml
• Oil-Free Balance - Controls excess oil for a shine-free.

• Acne Fighter - Powered by 8 botanical extracts to combat acne.

• Youthful Radiance - Resveratrol promotes a youthful, healthy.

• Lasting Hydration - Bio Sacharide Gum 1 keeps skin.

• All-in-One - A comprehensive solution for oily, acne-prone skin.

Eye Refreshing Gel - e 5ml

• Fast Wrinkle Reduction - Smooths fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes in just one week.
 • Dark Circle Reduction - Diminishes dark circles for a revitalized look.

• Complexion Enhancement - Improves overall eye area complexion and texture.

• Deep Hydration - Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 moisturize deeply for a fresh, youthful appearance.

• Youthful Eyes - Achieves a smoother, fresher, and more youthful look with this eye cream.


SensiHydra Balancing Ampoule Mask - e 28gm x 5pcs

• Redness Reduction - Trepeptide 40 helps soothe and reduce skin redness for a calmer complexion.

• Skin Lightening - The mask promotes skin lightening, enhancing natural radiance and even tone.

• Hydration Boost - Provides deep hydration, leaving skin plump and moisturized.

• Pore Minimization - Effectively minimizes the appearance of pores for smoother skin texture.

• Blackhead Reduction - Works to reduce and prevent blackheads, promotes clearer and healthier skin.

Family Kit Set

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